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      Current Environment

      Starting Block setups are as varied as the number of sprint experts that declare their setup to be the best.  The truth is that they are all correct for their super star athlete. 

      The SmartBlock™ Benefit

      SmartBlock™ generates data that the athlete can instantly associate with what they were actually trying to do during a Block start. That data is then compared to run time.  It is this association between the data generated (instant feedback) and run time   teaches the athlete exactly what improves or degrades their performance.

      SmartBlock™, through its instant feedback will refine the athletes muscle memory creating an improved and more reliable Performance.



      When sprint athletes start using starting blocks the initial problem they and coaches experience is determining the correct settings for the front and rear foot blocks.

      Position of foot blocks

      Technically, the distance between the front block and the starting line should be approximately 55-60% of your leg length. The distance between blocks should be shin length, which is about 42-45% of total leg length.

      A simpler and equally effective spacing is to start by placing front block two foot-lengths from the starting line and the rear block another foot length between the front and rear blocks. Spacing can be adjusted from there based on performance over the first 7 to 8 strides of the sprint start.

      Many books recommend that the ideal angles of the legs in the "set" position in a sprint start using starting blocks are:

      • Leading knee angle - 90° to 110°
      • Rear knee angle - 120° to 135°  


      Bottom Line - there is a RANGE of settings so the coach has to find what setting is right for each particular athlete. SMARTBLOCKS allows the coach to find that perfect individual setting.