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      Impulse, force X time, provides the most important formula for getting maximum results of a sprinter clearing the blocks.  Finally, there is a workable means for the coach to determine how each individual athlete can achieve the maximum amount of force out of the blocks by measuring and recording force factors of both feet upon block clearance.  This, in addition, to a reliable means of recording elapsed time to a pre-determined distance after the start.

      We suggest you check out the SMART BLOCKS, an innovation created by Wendell Lawrence an Olympic Athlete.

      - ED Jacoby

      Not every track and field athlete operates the same way.  Meaning, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.  Finding out ones strengths and weaknesses is pivotal in a sport where margins of winning can be measured in fractions of seconds. 

      The smart block has done exactly that.  I've only begun to use the smart block, but I am already finding out that my previous notion of my block setup was nowhere near correct for me.  This can be especially important not just for a faster time, but as a confidence builder.

       - Corbin Duer, Decathlete